Monthly Archives: November 2015

My Recent Weight Loss Story

Recently I lost 33 pounds/15 kg over the course of 11 weeks. Many people have asked me what my secret to such rapid weight loss was. Looking at the whole story, you’d probably have to conclude it actually took me five years to lose that weight. The purpose of this post is to tell the whole story, and let you form your own conclusions. The tl;dr answer to how I lost the 11-week portion of the weight is simple: I only ate about 800 calories per day, every day, for the entire 11 weeks. Most of those calories came in the form of one¬†Carl’s Jr. low-carb Superstar Double Cheeseburger at lunch. The rest came from a handful of pork rinds in the evening. Some people have said it can’t be healthy to lose so much weight so quickly. They may be right, but I can’t believe it’s any less healthy than carrying around an extra 30 pounds of fat. I’ve also been told I have a lot of willpower. That doesn’t seem right, either, because if I had so much willpower, how would I have let myself get in the position to need to lose that much weight in the first place? And if I didn’t have the willpower¬†before, then where did it come from all of a sudden? For the full story, read on.