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My Recent Weight Loss Story

Recently I lost 33 pounds/15 kg over the course of 11 weeks. Many people have asked me what my secret to such rapid weight loss was. Looking at the whole story, you’d probably have to conclude it actually took me five years to lose that weight. The purpose of this post is to tell the whole story, and let you form your own conclusions. The tl;dr answer to how I lost the 11-week portion of the weight is simple: I only ate about 800 calories per day, every day, for the entire 11 weeks. Most of those calories came in the form of one¬†Carl’s Jr. low-carb Superstar Double Cheeseburger at lunch. The rest came from a handful of pork rinds in the evening. Some people have said it can’t be healthy to lose so much weight so quickly. They may be right, but I can’t believe it’s any less healthy than carrying around an extra 30 pounds of fat. I’ve also been told I have a lot of willpower. That doesn’t seem right, either, because if I had so much willpower, how would I have let myself get in the position to need to lose that much weight in the first place? And if I didn’t have the willpower¬†before, then where did it come from all of a sudden? For the full story, read on.


First off, happy belated pi day! Second, someone at work yesterday noted that every month has an ides, but it’s not always on the same day. That led me to this Wikipedia article, which proves not only that I have been pathetically ignorant of the calendar’s origins, but that I’ve not even had a good excuse for being so.

For example, September through December are so clearly enumerations that I really can’t understand how I didn’t get it before, only that they no longer correspond to the right numbers.

The article’s a quick read, and we’ll worth it. One last thing – just like the ides is the middle, kalends is the first day of the month.

Better the devil you know

It feels like a safe, true statement, but if I really believed it, no one would recognize me.

It’s amazing how permanent everything feels. Growing up, the changes are within – at each step, your world expands – leaving family, going to college, getting a job, getting married, travelling – until it seems your world has gotten as big as it’s going to get. Then the exterior world starts changing. It was always changing, but your youthful perception of time was too brief to notice. With some perspective, the world seems unbelievably dynamic.

No matter how stable things are, a new stable point is never too far off, either as an organic process or through willful manipulation. It could be better, it could be worse. We like the feeling of control, so sometimes we prefer suboptimal outcomes because we brought them about (or we can convince ourselves we did).

There’s lots of cognitive dissonance, mood affiliation, hermeneutic circles, and just plain problems of perspective. I’m not sure where the best place to stand is, so I’ve got to walk around a lot. From where you stand, you might be able to see where I stand better than I can, so feel free to tell me when I’m about to step off the edge. That, however, could also be an optical illusion.

Either way, let’s keep the dialogue flowing.